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ada & braille signs

There is no downside to having ADA & Braille signs. Braille signs look typical to the naked eye, but closer inspection will show that duplicate carry the sign's message in Braille (raised bumps) in a way that does not impact the design or visibility of the sign itself. Braille signs help make your hotel accessible to everyone.

room number signs
room number signs
room signs
room signs
restroom signs
restroom signs
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stairs/elevator signs

Braille Signs for Hotels

In the age of technology and mobility, we have been able to give those with vision impairments a degree of autonomy they otherwise could not enjoy. Braille signs go a long way to preserving a sense of independence to people with visual impairments. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has helped dictate signage that will serve the vision impaired. Braille signs allow visually impaired people to navigate the rooms, spaces, hallways and stairways in your hotel, and give them access to critical and emergency information.

Help those with visual impairments locate their hotel room or meeting room with Braille room number signs and braille hotel room number signs. Braille bathroom signs of all kinds lead the way to men's, women's, and family restrooms—they also help identify accessible bathrooms. Do you need braille entrance and exit signs? Stairway signs? Elevator signs? What about your emergency signage? Braille Signs can also direct appropriate visitors around various obstacles. Not sure what Braille and ADA Signage your hotel needs? Give us a call—we'll work with you on planning and posting your Braille signage. 888.273.8726!

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