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Sun, surf and signage. If you own or operate a hotel in the great state of California, you have a few extra state–specific codes to keep in mind when planning and posting your signage. These relate particularly to restrooms and food service. Don't worry, Golden State, when it comes to California rule signs (CA rule signs) we've got you covered.

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restroom signs
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evacuation plans
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CA pool & spa rules
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CA Rule Signs

Restroom facilities in California require a geometric symbol sign to identify each public restroom (a triangle for men's facilities and a circle for women's facilities). In addition, to comply with the ADA guidelines, every public restroom must be identified by a wall sign with raised text and Grade 2 Braille. In short, you must have two signs to identify each public restroom. Unisex Restroom sign with male (triangle and male figure) or female (circle and female figure) symbols designates a restroom shared by both males and females to comply with California Building Code, Title 24. Unisex Restroom sign with male and/or female symbols and the ISA symbol (International Symbol of Access) designates a shared restroom that is handicap accessible. Signs come with white figures on blue, or blue figures on white to appropriately contrast with the restroom door.

If you serve food and drinks in your establishment, there may be one or more warnings that the state of California wants you to pass on to your customers with a prominently placed sign. They include the following messages:

  • "Warning: drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine & other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects."
  • "Warning: this facility contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Health & Safety Code Section 25249.6."
  • "Warning: chemicals known to the state of California to cause Cancer, Birth Defects, or Other Reproductive Harm may be present in foods or beverages sold or served here. Should you have any questions, please contact the Manager."
  • We are happy to help you know exactly what you will need to come into compliance. We build our signs to meet the placement requirements. They look good, attach easily, and are durable. Just give us a call, 888.273.8726!

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