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manager on duty signs

Manager signs are great signs for any hotel. They can be used to display the employee of the month, label the office of the manager, assistant manager, human resource manager—anyone who needs identifying, basically.

manager on duty signs
manager on duty signs

Management Signs

When a customer wonders, "Who can I talk to about this?" make certain you have already done your best to direct them to the right person—day, night, or swing shift—with Manager on Duty signs. You may think your supervisors, managers, and representatives are easily identifiable and approachable, but often people in a crunch or crisis at a place of business feel intimidated when they go looking for information or have a concern. They like to see a title and a name on the wall. When someone has a question or complaint and needs a manager or supervisor to sort it out, is your chain of command intact and available to meet the need? Put your customers at ease. You have nothing to hide. A clear name and title is a resource. It reminds them that their needs are important and that they have an ear when problems arise.

Hotel managers are going to run into questions and issues. It's not a matter of if; it's a matter of when. It is your duty to see to it that everybody knows who is in charge at any time, day or night. Meeting people's needs begins with recognizing that they will actually have them. In a perfect world everyone would internalize and solve their own problems. Until then, part of your service to your guests is offering them a safety net when their queries, complaints or congratulations extend beyond the typical customer encounter.

The sky is the limit with Manager/Staff on Duty sign customization. Whether you need to display the name of a Manager on Duty, Vice President, Shift Supervisor, Marketing Director, Executive Director, Assistant Director, Marketing Director, Supervisor on Duty or Shift Manager, all of our signs are customizable to fit your needs. Select the style, color and font, and customize your text. It's that easy! We have a Manager/Staff on Duty sign to fit every décor.

What's that? You have your managers and supervisors on rotation? No problem. We provide magnetic nameplates for each of your supervisors, which are easily interchangeable and look 100% professional.

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