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No Smoking signs are not a brusque suggestion—they are a matter of public safety and in many states, the law. Let us help keep you in compliance.
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No Smoking Signs for Hotels

We've all seen and read accounts of what American working conditions were like 60 years ago–workspaces with an ashtray at every desk, people lighting up cigarettes in every conceivable corner of the working world–factory floors, restaurants, doctor's offices. Those times have come and gone.

The safety begins with your employees, who have a right to work in a smoke–free environment if at all possible. In many settings, a no-smoking policy is assumed, or written into the regulations. In some settings, like a bar or restaurant, you are going to want to make it clear where people are not allowed to light up.

The public also has a right to be reasonably protected from cigarette smoke. This usually means doorways, sidewalks, pathways and courtyards need to be protected. Every building on your campus needs to keep visitors informed of your smoking policy. Clearly mark any designated smoking areas. People will wander, so make it clear where they can and can't smoke.

Another factor may be the immediate safety of your employees or the public due to the threat of fire or explosion. Gas stations are an example, but any place where there are flammables needs no smoking signs. What are your state's specific smoking laws? Let us help you find out and meet the grade.

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